About Sarah Roman

Raritan High School, Hazlet, New Jersey

Sarah Roman is a former English teacher in New Jersey. She taught for six years, primarily the 11th and 12th grades, instructing Junior Honors British Literature and AP Literature. She loves innovation within the classroom, often looking to a variety of mediums in order to engage and differentiate learning for her students. While previously spending time marrying STEM initiatives with English, she's found that Dungeons and Dragons offers incredible fodder for work within the classroom. On top of teaching, she also had roles as the Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball coach, Odyssey of the Mind coach, and as DM for the school D&D club. 

She's now the technical and content writer for Infragistics.

Doubles as:

Tannis - an Elven bard dutifully serving the masses through prose, poetry, song, and karaoke.


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About Kade Wells

Aldine ISD, Houston, Texas

Kade Wells is currently a teacher in Texas who uses Dungeons and Dragons in his 9th grade classroom to teach writing, reading and critical thinking skills in his language arts classes

Doubles as:

Probably an intimidating wizard.


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