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What Do We Do?

Sarah Roman and class playing educational Dungeons and Dragons within the English classroom

Gamify the classroom using Dungeons and Dragons

While we've seen the undisputed successes of programs like Reacting to the Past and Classcraft, we've been looking to craft and devise a classroom experience that brings together questing and leveling systems that also encourage full-text immersion while promoting self-awareness, social efficacy, agency, and team-building skills. Naturally, we've turned to Dungeons and Dragons in education, a role-playing classic that inspires world-building around your content areas and allows the students to interact within the text itself, as opposed to the typical third person point-of-view. 

Sarah Roman with students in the English classroom playing educational Dungeons and Dragons - teach

Roleplay to promote teamwork and overall healthiness

Roleplaying games have been creating a stronghold in the mental health professions due to the gameplay mechanics and to the ability to help participants access different facets of their personalities or explore social interactions that may oftentimes be out of reach. By opening up the classroom to a large-scale fantasy game, students are placed on level-footing and are able to employ the full extent of their strongest skillsets. Furthermore, the gameplay breeds a highly cooperative environment that encourages an empathetic mindset, particularly when it comes to certain story-changing decisions that the students will face. 

Teach, learn, create, educate with classroom Dungeons and Dragons - educational - Roman and Wells

Transform literature and other content areas

Out of everything that we do with Dungeons and Dragons in the classroom, the primary responses from the students are: 1) they better remember the text; 2) they enjoy reading the books or content since their gameplay will benefit; 3) it's cool getting to kill monsters in English class. 

Understandably, we're looking to tap into this model and are steadfastly working with gamification advocates and with helpful suggestions from Wizards to bring useful information and classroom practices to interested teachers around the world. 

From teacher to DM - Join up and help out!

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